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Birthday Messages (Original Mix) Claude VonStroke

Постер песни Claude VonStroke - Birthday Messages (Original Mix)
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  • Исполнитель: Claude VonStroke
  • Название: Birthday Messages (Original Mix)
  • Длительность: 0:55
  • Лейбл: dirtybird, Armada
Claude VonStroke - Birthday Messages (Original Mix)
Claude VonStroke - Birthday Messages (Original Mix)
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Текст песни Birthday Messages (Original Mix)
Hello, what’s up?
I want to say to you
I don’t know what I’m doing, but I keep on playing
That’s what I do
Hey, Claude
If that even is your real name
Just wanna call and tell you that Dirty Bird is super whack
Incredibly disappointed with every release you put out over the last fifteen
Dirty Bird is the shit
And if you don’t like Dirty Bird, then fuck you, because you don’t know real
Dirty Bird’s for the real music knowers
Yo, Claude, it’s your boy
Not really, I wish I was
But, dude, frickin' sick, fifteen years comin' up
Hey, Claude, we just, uh, we just ran out of drugs, and I realized, uh
How bad your album sucks, uh
Alright, I’m kidding, though, we actually didn’t run out of drugs
All the best
Mr. Bingo loves you
Claude VonStroke, listen to me
I know you keep it real, but you know what?
We gotta go out
We gotta go out on the town
There ain’t no place like home
Hello, what’s up?
I want to say to you
I don’t know what I’m doing, but I keep on playing
That’s what I do
Hey, uh, Claude, this is Marty Downy at, uh, Friendly Birds and Friendly People
We’ve got, uh, some birdseed in for ya, uh
Just checkin' to see if you’re planning on pickin' that up or not
It’s Aidan, your man down under
Big up the Bay Area, big up Peanut Butter Jelly Time
Big up Swamp Thing, big up Harvey House
Big up the Madden Brothers, ghost ride that whip
Come on, let it jack, and always be where the bird
My man, Claude VonStroke
Claudey, you know who it is, baby
And you know what to play
Hit me with them beats, boy
I wanna have Will Clark’s babies so bad
It’s Will Clark here
I was actually hopin' this was the second one
Uh, yeah, that’s all
Good luck on the album
It’s probably gonna suck, I’m not gonna listen to it, but
Love you lots
Don’t beam me up, Scotty, I’m tryna take a shit
Hello, what’s up?
I want to say to you
I don’t know what I’m doing, but I keep on playing
That’s what I do
Yo, this is Ranger from Travis City, Michigan
Just wanna call in and let you know that Dirty Bird is the absolute shit
Thanks for keeping it weird, keeping it dope
And just being original, baby
Dude, I’m talkin' to Claude VonStroke, man
I am, dude, I’m leavin' him a voicemail
I would love to know how someone of your size is able to spend hours on stage
playing this humpy-hump, fancypants music
Dirty Bird is the shit
You have the nicest, the randomest
And the absolute most ridiculous festivals imaginable
Thank you so much
I would be thrilled to be part of anything that you do
I am even interested in buying you a Rolls-Royce
I’ll go in debt, I’ll sell my car, and I’ll sell
I’ll even quit my job and get a loan to get your car
I, biggest fan
Hey, Claude, buddy
This is your old tour manager Mojita
Claude only cares about two things on tour
His car and his USB’s
Let me demonstrate for a minute, mhm
«Where's my car?»
«Did you grab my USB’s?»
«Where are my USB’s?»
Puta madre, oh, oh
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you (Dirty Bird)
Happy birthday, dear Dirty Bird
Happy birthday to you
Hey, Bart, aren’t you glad that I made you practice the piano with a broken
It’s mom, love you
Oh my God, Claude
I fangirled so hard when I met you at Homebase
I was so frickin' sweaty and I gave you such a wimpy hug
And the next time I see you I am jumping on you and giving you a proper hug
'Cause you are fucking awesome
Dude, Claude VonStroke, what the fuck is up?
We love Dirty Bird, and fuckin' everybody’s afraid of Detroit, what’s up?
Yo, it’s your boy Arma, AKA Louie Legend from Chicago
I had to call in and leave a message for Dirty Bird
'Cause Dirty Bird Records is the best goddamn record label in the whole wide
I love Dirty Bird, woo
Claude, we’re all writing you in as president for 2020, there’s nothing you can
do about it
We’re grouping up and we’re gonna make you president
Yo, yo, yo, Birdhouse, what up? Keepin' it real
Keep fuckin' doin' that dope ass shit you do, my dude
Peace out, this is D-Boy Nick
This is Andy from Iowa, and I’m Dirty Bird to the bone
Ah-ah, ah-ah
Hahaha, I love house, I love sex and rock and roll
But mostly house
Claude VonStroke’s daddy
He could be my daddy, hahahaha
I wanna come party with you at Dirty Bird
XO from Phoenix
Hello, what’s up?
I want to say to you
I don’t know what I’m doing, but I keep on playing
That’s what I do
Ayy, yo, fuck Dirty Bird
Fuck your chicken strip
Here, listen up, you whippersnapper, this is Granny Maude
And I just wanna shout out to Grannies Gone Wild, Dirty Bird
Little granny’s gettin' dirty, woop woop
Love you, Claude VonStroke
Shouts out to Andrew and Pam
What it do, Von House Party?
Y’all have a good one, happy birthday, Dirty Bird
Fifteen years, baby, whoop
I love Claude VonStroke
He is my daddy
A true father figure
Dirty Bird fucks
Fuck that Dirty Bird
He fucks, dude
Dirty Bird fucks
Hello, what’s up?
I want to say to you
I don’t know what I’m doing, but I keep on playing
That’s what I do
Fifteen years
We always thought you’d be a good stay-at-home dad
That or working at a bank, maybe as a temporary employee
You say you’re from Detroit, but Detroit’s hard
Detroit is mean
I will give Claude VonStroke on more chance
'Cause I don’t think you have it in you
You make soft beats, soft
We like hard beats
Let’s see what you got
Claude VonStroke? He’s not even from Detroit
He’s like from Ohio or some shit
So randomly a couple years ago, some crazy ass shit happens
My boy calls me and says, «Yo, they’ll come to your spot and play for free,»
I’m like, «What?»
I’m like, «Yeah,» I’m like, «Get the fuck out of here,» sure enough
He came through, he’s like, «Yo, but it’s not for free»
I’m like, «So what we gotta do?»
He’s like, «Some food»
I hand Claude VonStroke a plate of chicken gyros
He’s the fuckin' man
I love him
Hello, what’s up?
I want to say to you
I don’t know what I’m doing, but I keep on playing
That’s what I do
Ah, สวัสดีครับ
ผมเป็นแฟนของนกสกปรกอยากจะเจอคุณ Claude VonStroke นะครับ
Ciao, sono Bob e l’uccello sporco mi ha ispirato da anni
Pace e bene a Claudio VonStrikkio e tantissimo amore
Porra, caralho, aqui é Dirty Bird, puta que pariu
Obrigado, 'cês são irmão memo, tá ligado?
É nós! Valeu, Claudião!
Hola, Claude VonStroke
Me gusta si es para tu música
Chao, baby
Oi, meu nome é Ana, gostaria de falar que eu amo Dirty Bird, eu amo Claude
Vocês lançaram todas as minhas músicas favoritas
Obrigada por tudo, realmente, e continua a fazer o mundo dançar
Claude VonStroke, Dirty Bird
Ey, Claude VonStroke
Te habla Chema
Te mando un fuerte abrazo y que estés de puta madre
Claude, you dirty old dog, what’s goin' on, mate?
Little Pretty here, callin' from Aus
You know what, I reckon you’re due to get back to the Goldie pretty soon
It’s been awhile between drinks, let’s make it happen
Give us a little tingle, I’ll speak to you soon, brother
Hello, what’s up?
I want to say to you
I don’t know what I’m doing, but I keep on playing
That’s what I do
Fucking love Dirty Bird, DB for life
I love that people don’t know about you is how fucking crazy you are
But, uh, I love it, I’m here for it, I love you
Happy fifteen years of Dirty Bird
Hey, what’s up, Claude VonStroke? This is Tony Chiri in Miami
Just wanted to use this opportunity to say thank you for everything that you do
Lot of techno and little bit of bass and house that you make
I love you, Papa Claude
Hey, daddy, this is Jay and Erica, just wanted to say that we love you
We love you, daddy, hahaha
You probably don’t remember me, but I’m, I’m that random Asian girl with the
Raptors hat
Who snuck into the DJ booth at Dirty Bird Barbecue Brooklyn
And wrapped you in a giant bear hug which you couldn’t escape
And I was just so glad that you’re not an asshole in real life
I’m a spin instructor
I’ve made people of all ages listen to your music
I want to say that I love Dirty Bird 'cause Dirty Bird has changed my life
Um, connected me with some of my favorite people I have in my life right now
Really, uh, tooken me from a dark place and, thank you
Hey, Claude, this is Betsy from Detroit
Just wanna say I love Dirty Bird, it’s been life-changing
I love the community, I love the music, the DJ’s
You guys fucking rock, thank you, thank you so much
Oh my God, these guys are fucking nuts, man, jeez
Dirty Bird is off the chain, shout out here from Houston, Texas
This is Jamie Zamaro from Detroit, Michigan and I love Dirty Bird
Claude, Justin, G-Slip
You guys are the best
Claude VonStroke, whatever the hell your name is
Lead Shine here, comin' at you real quick
You know, we, we tried our crack at comedy, uh
Let’s, uh, let’s stick to DJ-ing, huh?
Let’s stick to something that you do fairly well
I love you, Claude, you are the bestest, mwah
Papa Claude, I gotta be honest with you, man
You’re in part responsible for the wedding between my wife and I
Dirty Bird makes me feel saucy (Saucy)
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