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Постер песни Ice T, Ice-T featuring Corte, Smoothe Da Hustler - Please Believe Me

Please Believe Me
Ice T, Ice-T featuring Corte, Smoothe Da Hustler

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Клип и текст песни:
Baby, I wanna let you know I really like how this is going down
Yeah, I like how it’s going down too, daddy!
Though we can make big moves, baby I know, real big moves.
Ummm. just tell me what I gotta do and I’m down for whatever!
Girl, if you do what I tell you to
You can have this whole world if you wanted to
Buddy, it ain’t going to be easy
Just listen to a player, and please believe me!
Let’s start this off with facts
You got on some nice shoes but you walk in it
You got on nice coat but you’re outside it
Now, if you’re ready to accept that state you was made in upgrade
Hiding up your game in form
I can let you come over here with me and get real real warm
They say: if you knew better, you’ll choose better
And you think wrong, you think wrong
You can’t swing a slow batter the fast pitch
The problem with most of you women, y’all so used to loosing
You can’t even figure out what you want
Now first, we gotta let you know everything
If you did — you’ll be living on the side of the mountains
Somewhere in Seattle like Bill Gates
And I don’t know everything that’s true
But I definitely do know more than you
One thing is you got style, cause you quote my eye
Two is you got class, that’s what makes you fly
Three is you’re intelligent cause you’re listening to me talk
And four is you’re very very sexy, you can see that in the way you walk
But all that ain’t work nothing if you don’t get it together and move something
Now, this game is played in ones and twos, that means soloists and crews
And that’s exactly what I’m trying to do, is team up with you
But you have to learn how to take some instructions, boo
Please believe this, and listen to me
Alright, baby look.
I can see you harmonious cause your rent is more than my mortgage
So it’s obvious you ain’t got enough left to pay attention
But I. I’ma renew your lease for a small fee
Then we gonna psychologically house-shop
So you can have some space for that brain of yours
Consider me Real Estate
Now, I can’t front, you’re fly
And you’re hanging around me for some reason so I must be the shelter
They say: conversation is like a combination
So I’ma open that safe, take a turn at it
You want-a dime, yeah, you want-a dime
But your nigga paint you a picture
How much cents do that make?
Alright then. now, what you should do
Is grow some hands on that forehead of yours
So you can hold that thought
I see you used to get in your way that’s why you go on the wrong direction
You need a RUN D.M.C. and 'Walk This Way'
Don’t you need two pilots to fly the plane?
But only one get to hold the steering wheel, baby
So sit back, relax your ass, cause you’re flying first class
And this going to be a smooth ride, baby, and please believe me
Now, I’ma give you the real deal
I’m going to need at least two more inches on them heels
And that gut made up cool to you, but I’ma ask you for a stirrup or two
And as for your hair. I ain’t even going to go there
Just keep it clean and tight, and would be alright
Overall. I think you’re fine
And I’m sure I can buck out the dime
And this is going to take a little time
First, you got to forget everything you know
Cause right now.
You’re on a real course to becoming a real motherfucking whore
Now, that’s cool too.
But at least let me show you how to be a motherfucking pro
Cause it ain’t going to be all fun
If you’re fucking with me, you better duck or run
This is final level of the game baby
And it ain’t going to be all biscuits and gravy
You got to have a nerve, for the motherfucking curve
Cause we can do it either way, baby
The street way, or the corporate sweet way
But no matter how me and you do it, girl
It would definitely. be the elite way
Awww! you know, I’m down, baby
That’s what I’m talking about
Ha ha ha ha!
Yeah, I know you like it when I see you smilling.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Yeah girl, I see you’re feeling this right.
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