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Постер песни Ice T, Ice-T featuring Kryst - It's All Love

It's All Love
Ice T, Ice-T featuring Kryst

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Клип и текст песни:
It’s all love when you’re doing it big
Cop your homies new whips when they’re back from their biz («It's all love!»)
It’s all love when you way cashed out
Every bitch wants to be your new shit, no doubt («It's all love!»)
It’s all love at the booth in the club
Everybody is drinking champagne, giving out hugs («It's all love!»)
It’s all love, until you can’t give no more
The same niggaz that you fed, wanna see you dead («It's all love!»)
You got money, got power, got friends
Really got to love it cause the party don’t end
Got the streets locked, game tight, keeping it fly
Got that cocaine cash flow, stacking it high
Got every kind of whip the green money can buy
Got the crib by the lakes, steady flipping the cakes
Got the crew that’ll roll, ain’t scared of the jakes
Twenty five Fed indictments, them niggaz turn snakes
Threw you in the blouse of the devil with no shovel
Five million Dollar bail, your house is for sale
Can’t even get a word out, from none of your whores
They straight blocking your call, after you bought them all clothes
Choose cards on the streets, they set the jury a done deal
The judge gave you life and got a set for appeal
They left you in the coldest place that a nigga can feel
Asking yourself how you got there, you was keeping it real
You got a big hit records, your posse is deep
More niggaz than you know, but they’re at your show
On stage with you, backing you up, holding you down
Everybody is happy, giving mad pounds
Back stage, after the show, it’s going down
Off to the after party, other side of the town
It’s the life start balling, baby everyday
Next jam that you drop, don’t get no play
Just as quick as it can, the whole thing just went
The whole crew disappeared, no one at your events
All the juices you had, died with your rhymes
Every girl in your jock, impossible to sign
So you swollawed your pride, you go out one night
To see the hype new niggaz, that they rock the mics
When you look on the stage, you noticed their whole crew
Are the same motherfuckers that was there with you
It’s all love when you’re buying new drinks
It’s all love when your crew is on blink
It’s all love when you’re popping the crist, got ice in your wrist
It’s all love when your name is in the list
It’s all love when your fame’s doing well
It’s all love when you’re hotter than hell
It’s all love when you’re sitting on chrome, when you’re coping new home
It’s all love when you’re sitting on top
It’s all love when until you happen to drop
There is no love when you’re doing your bid
There is no love when you’re loosing your crib
There is no love when you ain’t got no ride, when you’re dying inside
There is no love when you’re trying to hide
There is no love on run from the cops
There is no love bopping ready to drop
And no love when your girl goes left
There is no love when the feds get tough
There is no love when the only person with you, is your goddamn self
I know niggaz can feel this
If you ever had something, and lost it
For some friends and some funny motherfuckers man
It’s real, check around for your friends when you’re broke
Yeah. yeah. Ummm.
It’s all love.
He can’t.
He can’t do it like we do but.
It’s all love.
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