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Loyle Carner, Tom Misch

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Клип и текст песни:
It’s been a minute since I’ve been with some women
Not 'cause they been lacking, just I’ve been lacking the feeling
I’ve been staring at the ceiling
Listening to the chat that they’re revealing
Wondering if I open up or keep concealing
I ain’t try to be demeaning, it seems
Thought you knew this, I don’t really do this
Moving like a Judas
Talking all that talk but ain’t no time for acting foolish
When you ask, all of the brothers saying, «True, this»
I might just jump on this for free, jumpin' on them freestyle
I’ve been well, moving brain, senile
It’s sole sunsets, beautiful is one guess
One morning afternoon in that sun dress
The summer flies by every morning, I’m still yawning
Same conversation, never boring
(«Yo, she texted you.» «Swear?» «Nah, it’s Tommo.»
«Ah, for fuck’s sake!»)
I know that these days are feeling cold
My love could take her home
As if we never knew
I was too young for you
Ay, and then you say you ain’t about guys
Ay, especially brothers from the south side
But been about mine ever since the drought now
You and me been living on this cloud nine
Saying it’s about time, stunting, front like
Nothing will change until it drains, ain’t nothing the same, uh
'Cause you become like the blood in my veins
Saying I’m way too young to be stuck on the rain
And still it’s peak weeks 'til I figured out you played keys
Eighteen, you been listening to Jay Dee
Blaming the bait trees, telling me you hate these G’s
But didn’t need me telling you they ain’t me
Because they ain’t me, uh, they ain’t me
Don’t need to know about the colours that they paint me
I’ve been too busy getting dizzy off that JD
Dreaming of the places you could take me, so now I’m saying
I know that these days are feeling cold
My love could take her home
As if we never knew
I was too young for you
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