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Bored in the House (Freestyle)
Marty Mula

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Клип и текст песни:
B*tch and I’m the house bored
Fresh than a mother f*cker in the house I’m bored
Crib so clean I ain’t even got chores
And I ain’t going outside so please close the door
Cet on IG and I see wh*res shaking a**
Boosie got the thotties showing p*ssy all on live
And Drake making songs like left foot slide
Ni**as hating like Bhad Babbie tell em catch me outside (how bout that)
This beat sound farmillar kinda sound like this
Ima boss a** b*tch b*tch b*tch b*tch
But wait I really need me a boss a** b*tch
That could ride my d*ck and just boss my sh*t
I ain’t text her back but she still got the message
Need a bad b*tch at my crib watching Netflix
Like my hoes slim melanin like nesquik
Gotta box full of knots stacked up this ain’t Tetris
Tik tok poppin h*es really wilding
Told that b*tch throw it back on the beat like the stallion (ah)
Megan got the ratchets really thinking y’all classy
And all the Dj’s on live throwing live stream parties
Aye we got more shells than a taco
Get my cheese then I dip nachos
Do a b*tch cold like a blanket poncho
Ima star make wish like Wanda and Cosmo
Are you bored? Yes b*tch of course
Ran outta stacks fuck it might hit the store
Let me grab me a mask and grab my pole
Cause i ran outta water gotdamn I need more
Face so clean I ain’t event got pores
I just posted a pic on cus I’m bored
She ain’t f*cked with me cause she thought I was pier
She seen racks and text my phone like hey I ignored
Mula on the beat you can hear it it’s snapping
Give two f*cks bout this mother f*cking rap sh*t
Fresh white t spilled the juice need a Napkin
They still sleeping on me like that kid that been napping
Got a bad b*tch all the way from Nevada Another bad b*tch all the way from
Text from my old b*tch from Alabama
She gone fly me all the way from cali to Atlanta
Like Hold up we be going up like the nasa
Like Hold up diamonds really colder than Alaska
Like hold up make her shake that a** in pajamas
Double c’s on my kicks fresh as f*ck that’s designer
Like hold up and I’m in up in the house bored
Fresh than a mother f*cker in the house bored
Bored than a mother f*cker in the house bored
And I’m bored than a mother f*cker in the house bored
I’m bored I’m bored I’m bored (x6)
I’m a boss as b*tch b*tch b*tch (x2)
Aye M-U-L-A
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